Late Pick-Ups

Late clock


Parents must call to notify the Center if they will be late.

Those who have contracts until 4:30PM may receive an extension of time as long as the Center is fully staffed. Those contracted until 6:00PM must make alternate arrangements for the pick-up of their child. The Center closes promptly at 6:00PM.

4:30PM Contracts
• If a parent is unable to pick-up by 4:30, a fee of $10.00 per half-hour or fraction thereof will be charged.

6:00PM Contracts
• If a parent is not at the Center by 6:00PM and has failed to call, emergency names on file will immediately be contacted to come pick up your child.
• Should pick up occur later than 6:00PM, a $20.00 fine per family for every fifteen minutes or part thereof will be charged. A written warning will also be issued. A child whose parent receives two such warnings and then has an additional lateness may be withdrawn from the program.