Drop Off & Pick-Up Procedures

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Children using our Before School and ACC Adventures program MUST be escorted into the Center by a parent/guardian.

Children using our Kindergarten Phase-In program and our After School program will be released to the Center by their classroom teachers, upon written permission by you. Upon arrival, children are accounted for by Center staff.

The Center will only release a child to a parent/guardian unless we have written permission allowing someone else to pick up your child or if the person is on your "permanent pick up list" (in your child's registration packet). At any time, you can add people to your "permanent pick-up list" in your child's file. No child will ever be released to walk home on his/her own.

Those who are picking up a child from our program for the first time will be asked to show picture ID (this includes parents who are new to the program).

Children may not be signed in or out of the Center by any employee.